Swinging in America:

Love, Sex & Marriage in the 21st Century

Authors:  Curtis Bergstrand & Jennifer B. Sinski

curt bergstrand

Curtis Bergstrand, PhD, is associate professor and program director of the Department of Sociology, Criminal Justice, and Anthropology at Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. He has numerous publications in scholarly academic journals on topics such as the family, social problems, deviant behavior, and health care. He is a recipient of the Grawmeyer Award for excellence in teaching and has made appearances on the National Geographic Channel's Taboo series as an academic expert on swinging and marital infidelity.

Jennifer Sinski

Curriculum Vitae

Jennifer Blevins Sinski, MAT, MA was a principle researcher in a 2000 national survey of swingers in the United States. She has published several scholarly papers on swinging and nonmonogamous lifestyles and is a frequent speaker at regional and national conferences on the subject. Sinski is a faculty member in the English Department at Elizabethtown Community & Technical College. Her current focus of research is PTSD / interference in language development and is currently writing a book on childhood PTSD and the impact on adult development.


Release Date:  November 30th

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Swinging In America: Love, Sex & Marriage

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