Swinging in America:

Love, Sex & Marriage in the 21st Century

Authors:  Curtis Bergstrand & Jennifer B. Sinski

"A major contribution to the literature on non-monogamy.  A must read for Marriage and Family therapists, Family lawyers, clergy who counsel families, Polyamorists and anyone even thinking about having an affair.   Puts a new perspective on having serious and/or sexual relationships with more than one.   It shows you can have your "Kate and Edith  too".                 Ken Haslam, M.D., Curator of Polyamory Archives at the Kinsey Institute, Indiana University

This highly readable book represents a huge step forward not only in the analysis of swinging but in questioning our strictly monogamous view of the family.  The authors present a thorough review of the extant theory and research on the topic of swinging, a topic that has not been widely investigated in recent years.  Incorporating their 2000 study, they not only looked at the responses of almost 1,100 swingers, but added a much needed dimension - a control group in order to compare swingers with non-swingers.  The authors then discuss the institutional arrangements which have supported the moncentric view and conclude with applying three of Loevinger’s nine stages of growth to the swinging movement.  Using a non-judgmental approach they argue that the basic institution of the family in our society needs to be reassessed and that swinging (along with other forms like polyamory) should be included in a discussion of how the family should look in the future.  I would highly recommend this book not only for the general reader but for courses in sexuality, the family, and social problems.  - Richard Jenks, Ph.D., Professor of sociology at Indiana University Southeast and nationally recognized researcher on the swinging lifestyle.

The Authors' new book Swinging In America: Love, Sex & Marriage in the 21st Century is a welcome contribution to this little understood but growing social-sexual recreation. Swinging or “The Lifestyle” as many adherents use in conversation, has impacted our culture in a variety of ways from the marriage relationship to where and how to vacation. Bergstrand & Sinski provide clarity through fact and detail not previously published.    Robert McGinley, Ph.D., President, The Lifestyles Organization Founder, NASCA International


Release Date:  November 30th

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Swinging In America: Love, Sex & Marriage

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